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Hygiene & Safety

Hygiene & Safety

At G & W Moore we pride ourselves not only on our products but most importantly on food hygiene and food safety.

We work to the highest of standards on a daily bases with strict cleaning schedules in place with a HACCP file to back up all our daily records, which are checked each time we get inspected from our EHO

We operate under a fully approved licence for sausage manufacturing, Licence No. UK JF 060 EC.

G & W Moore now operate directly to the catering industry supplying our premium pork sausages to fast food outlets, sandwich bars, restaurants and wholesale outlets.

We also supply a wide range of fresh pork, bacon and gammon products using locally sourced companys for all our raw materials.

Hygiene & Safety

"At G & W Moore we give a more superior service to our customers than our competitors and we always put our customers first no matter how big or small their order - whether they are a wholesale outlet right down to the tasty little street food carts."